Tracking Institutional Ether Adoption

Last week I wrote this piece about changes to institutional Bitcoin holdings so far in 2021.

The broad theme has been that institutions continue to accumulate Bitcoin, and that they are generally holding the asset for the long run.

Between the 56 public companies, private companies, and various funds that have announced Bitcoin holdings, at least 1.56M Bitcoin is being held by these institutions, or 7.5% of all outstanding Bitcoin supply.

After compiling all this institutional Bitcoin research I got curious, and began to wonder how Bitcoin's institutional demand compares to that of Ethereum.

Bitcoin and Ethereum are still the only crypto assets that have received regulatory approval for price tracking ETFs (in Canada), and remain a few steps ahead of every other token vying for institutional adoption.

So this week, I set off to figure out which public companies, private companies, and funds hold Ether, and I've shared my findings below with paying subscribers.

Each month, these figures will be updated as institutions open, change, or close Ether positions.