Investor Letter #001

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My first two posts are linked below.

MicroStrategy and the Collapse of Gold
In March of 2020, when all financial assets sold off in a panicked frenzy,Bitcoin critics were quick to call out its price drop as proof that Bitcoinwasn’t a safe haven asset like gold. As gold raced towards new all-time highs, Bitcoin was largely overshadowed formost of the spring and summer of…
Maker: Essential, Resilient, Profitable
Maker is a fascinating protocol that serves as essential infrastructure for muchof today’s DeFi ecosystem. Not only does it enable lending, borrowing, betting, investing and other cryptoapplications that require access to stablecoins, it has also proven to beresilient to market shocks and regula…

Writing about my ideas and getting feedback improves my understanding of the world, and helps me make better investing decisions, which is what I'm really aiming for.

Beyond my personal goal of becoming a better investor, a bonus of sharing my writing in public is that I can also teach others about investing as I learn myself.


For that reason, a portion of my content will always be free for anyone to read. The rest of my content will be for the paying subscribers who allow me to keep investing time and energy into creating new content.

However, since this is my first paid product I want to make sure my earliest subscribers are rewarded for the risk of paying for an unproven product.

To do that, subscriptions are $1/month for the rest of the day, and each week the price will rise. I don't know if or when prices will stop rising, but I can promise that the price of a subscription will not decrease at any point in my first year of writing.

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